We treat all conditions which cause chronic or acute pain. Pain is a phenomenon which involves both physical and emotional factors. Lee Rehabilitation is consistently successful in preventing the need for surgery by using a combination of Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine, and Physical/Occupational therapy. Our goal oriented approach and our precision in diagnosis helps us toward this goal of healing a patient effectively, and efficiently.

Medical prescriptions, injections, orthotics (braces & canes), or minor surgery can be provided on an as needed basis.

A few of the conditions that have been successfully treated are listed below:

  • Neck pain, “My neck hurts and it is painful to turn it!”
  • Lower back pain, “My back really hurts and I don’t want surgery!”
  • Sciatic pain, “The pain shoots down my leg!”
  • Shoulder pain and dysfunction, “I can’t raise my arm without pain!”
  • Knee pain, “It hurts every time I walk, and worse up stairs!”
  • Calf pain, “I am a runner and my calves really hurt!”
  • Foot & ankle pain, “The ball of my foot hurts with every step!”
  • Sports related injuries, “I hurt myself playing basketball!”
  • Work related injuries, “I’ve been in so much pain since I lifted that box!”
  • Whiplash injuries from motor vehicle accidents, “Every since that accident, I am no longer the same.”
  • Gynecologic/Obstetric related pain, “I have painful and crampy periods!”
  • Residual issues from stroke and spinal cord injury.

Aside from normalizing pathology, we are also in the business of enhancing physiology. Athletes, martial artists, other fitness enthusiasts seeking an improved condition have benefited from our services with an increase in speed & agility, and a better understanding of exercise biomechanics upon receiving a consultation from our certified physician.